NIAPN proudly supports the “All Kids Count Campaign” as a member of the End Child Poverty Coalition.

Every child should have the best start in life. This means access to free health care, a good education, and a childhood free from poverty. We wouldn’t turn away a sick child from our hospitals or stop them going to school. And yet, the two-child limit denies families the support they need from our social security system when they experience tough times, trapping kids in poverty.

We need to help children thrive, by supporting parents to raise happy, healthy children – especially during the first years of a child’s life, when foundations are laid for their future development. It’s right to support families when they need it most. Our government should lift the two-child limit and help all children to thrive.

Currently, there is a campaign to encourage MPs to agree to scrap the two-child limit. Take action by writing to your MP by clicking the link below.

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